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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

What involves Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the method of changing the color of the teeth with the aim of whiter tone and increasing their brightness. Thanks to this method, the patient can immediately get a whiter and healthier smile, as discoloration and yellowing of the teeth are removed.

The whitening process is completely safe for the teeth, as long as it is performed by a specialist dentist and the patient follows his exact instructions.

There are three different bleaching methods that one can follow to improve one’s smile.

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Teeth whitening in the doctor's surgery

Teeth whitening in the doctor’s office is performed using a special lamp.

The treatment has immediate and visible results and is performed by a specialized dentist.

The results are visible only 2-3 days after the completion of the treatment.

Τhe duration of the effect depends on the habits and hygiene of the patient.

In our dental clinic, we provide the most modern method of teeth whitening using the top Fläsh whitening system.

The process begins with the application of Vitamin E on the lips to moisturize and avoid irritation. Then protect the gums with wet insulation. Then, we brush the teeth with the whitening gel and activate it with the Fläsh whitening system.

Finally, we apply post-whitening gel for desensitization and remineralization of the enamel to minimize the appearance of sensitivity in the teeth.

Bleaching at home

Teeth whitening at home is done with the use of special whitening materials and dental braces, always following the instructions of our dentist.

Initially, during the first visit to the doctor’s office, we take fingerprints for the construction of personalized splints.

On a second visit, you receive the splints as well as the whitening gel for home use with instructions for the duration of placement and days of treatment.

The duration of the procedure is 1 to three weeks. The results are visible from the first week, but its duration depends on the patient, your oral hygiene and habits.

Combination of methods

Starting with whitening at home, the whitening session in the doctor’s office takes place in between. This method combines the positives of both methods and has the best results.

Bleaching with whitening pastes

Use of a high hardness toothbrush, as well as a special coarse (whitening) paste. It is not indicated as the temporary result comes from the removal of layers of enamel, slimming the tooth.

Advantages and costs of each bleaching method

ClinicHomeCombinationWhitening Paste
Time Required for TreatmentLess than an hour1 week with daily useImmediately after the first sessionA few days with daily brushing
Duration of effectLong durationLong durationLonger durationTransient
CostModerateModerateHigher costLower cost
GenerallyThe patient does not need to do anythingAvoid foods especially during bleachingAll the advantages of the other two methodsInjures teeth and gums with constant use

Preparation for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, whatever method you choose, for best results, needs to be applied to clean and healthy teeth. For this reason, an examination with simultaneous cleaning of your teeth before the teeth whitening process is recommended. This removes tartar and various stains on the teeth, while the dentist can identify potential problems that you were not aware of and need treatment before you start whitening your teeth.

Finally, by doing this examination and cleaning before whitening your teeth, the dentist records the color of the teeth so that you can compare the results of the whitening yourself.

Possible complications of bleaching

In some cases, there is sensitivity on the first day after bleaching which disappears immediately with the cessation of the bleach for a day or a mild painkiller.

Contraindications for teeth whitening

Bleaching is contraindicated in people under 18 years of age, pregnant women, and nursing mothers due to lack of data.

Also, people who have prosthetic work or large fillings in the front teeth are not good candidates for whitening because the result will be uneven. This contraindication is relevant as they can be changed a second time

Teeth care after whitening

Whiter teeth do not need any extra care but it would be good to maintain the result, reduce smoking and avoid foods with pigments as what a white blouse can color will slightly color our teeth which will be seen in the long run.

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