Dental Surgery

Dental Implant

Dental implant is proven to be the best solution after losing all, some or just one tooth. It is essentially equivalent to the root of the tooth but made of titanium, which gives strength, durability and complete biocompatibility (perfect acceptance by the body). Next, the titanium “root” is loaded with a shaft on which the prosthetic work will be supported, whether it is a crown, a bridge or a whole artificial denture.

The process of implant placement and repair is divided into three stages:


Patient’s medical history and anatomical features must be evaluated. Then, patient has to have a necessary CT and impressions to create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.




The specialized surgeon undertakes the surgical placement of the implant in one session, completely painless under local anesthesia. They are then left in the bone to incorporate with it (osseointegrate), 3-6 months depending on the body and the specific case.

The implants we use have a lifetime warranty, making them the best choice in terms of cost in the long run.





After implant’s osseointegration, it is time for their revealing if needed and loading with the prosthetic work you need (crown/bridge/artificial denture).


It is the last resort but unfortunately in some cases it is unavoidable, such as in longitudinal fractures of teeth or when one tooth causes problems in other healthy teeth or tissues (e.g. wisdom teeth). Moreover, when orthodontic design requires it, to the benefit of the rest denture. At our clinic we follow atraumatic protocol, maximizing bone preservation after extraction with minimal discomfort.

Extracting milky teeth when they insist on staying in the denture longer than they should, quickly and with little discomfort for our little friends.