Diagnostic Dentistry

Panoramic Dental X-ray (or Orthopantomogram)

Panoramic dental x-ray (or orthopantomogram) is the most basic diagnostic aid in dentistry. It provides a complete radiographic picture of what is happening in the mouth under the naked eye of the dentist, contributing in diagnosing and planning of impacted teeth, fractures, cysts and caries. It offers valuable aid in treatment planning for the overall treatment of oral problems.

Getting panoramic x-ray is quick and simple. Under the guidance of trained personnel, patient’s head is placed and immobilized in the correct position by biting a specially shaped flap. The machine is then rotated around the head for about 10 seconds.

In our clinic we use Carestream’s award-winning CS 8100 to ensure a high-resolution image and the lowest possible radiation.

Intraoral Radiograph

Intraoral is the well-known radiograph obtained in a dental office with the help of small plates inserted into the mouth and is necessary in many cases during dental practice. Intraoral radiography gives us a high resolution image which is necessary for endodontics, but offers a reduced field for diagnosis.

Dental Check-up

By conducting a free clinical check-up at our clinic we can diagnose situations at an early stage and restore them before they reach the tooth pulp where they will create painful situations and repeated visits, costing hours of work and more expensive materials.