Prosthetic Dentistry

Dental Crown

Dental crown is a tooth-shaped structure that aims to restore the functionality and appearance of a tooth. Once the tooth has been prepared all around, we receive an impression and create a unique crown for your denture, exclusively from porcelain when it is in aesthetic zone or porcelain fused metal when there are low aesthetic demands. It is important to note that dental crowns are also manufactured for placement on implants.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridge is a construction that replaces one or more edentulous areas (or “gaps”) created after teeth loss. However, teeth or implants are needed as foundations at each end of the “gap” to support the bridge.

Post and Core

παράδειγμα ανασύστασης δοντιού

Posts are pen shaped made of reinforced alloys that are installed in the root canals (since endodontic treatment – root canal is done previously) of teeth that are extensively damaged in order to construct a support that a dental crown or bridge will cover it.

Partial Denture

It is the choice when a bridge cannot be built or implants cannot be placed. It relies partly on oral tissues and mainly on teeth with hooks or precision ligaments for the aesthetic zone. It has the disadvantage that it has to be removed several times during the day to apply oral hygiene to the oral cavity as well as to the denture.

Full Denture

After the loss of all teeth, a complete denture is necessary to restore the functional, phonetic and aesthetic of the oral cavity. Denture retention over time weakens due to normal periodontal atrophy and causes it to loosen. Today we can combine it with implants to achieve much superior results and durability over time.